Group Personal Training

Personal Training in small groups of two, three or four is a popular choice for our clients. You receive the same personalised program as a 1-2-1 but makes the cost per session much less.
Many of our clients choose to train together, whether that be mother and daughter, couples, friends or colleagues from work.


  • • We adapt our workout programmes to accommodate everybody in the group so that you always receive a personal session suitable to your individual abilities and goals.
  • • Working out with your friends always makes exercising more fun, enjoyable and affordable.

What is the cost?

'Two to one’ training sessions

5 sessions = £280.50 (£28.05 /person per session)

10 sessions = £539 (£26.95 /person per session)

‘Three to one’ training sessions

5 sessions = £324.50 (£21.63 /person per session)

‘Four to one’ training sessions

5 sessions = £379.50 (£18.78 /person per session)

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