Summer is finally here! and Freedom day is just around the corner too (fingers & toes crossed)

It dawned on us over the weekend (when desperately failing to find something to wear that fits and feels nice) that we’ve not delivered a detox since January.

It’s been great to be back out at restaurants and socialising more with friends and family now that the restrictions allow us to, but has it started to take its toll on our waistlines…

We have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH- It’s time to get back on track with exercise, nutrition and just feel better mentally as well as physically.

Do you feel the same?

Are you… Gaining weight? Not losing weight? Addicted to sugar? Tired of trying silly faddy diets? Drinking more booze than before? Struggling to get started? Lost for food inspiration?

HarrogatePT are here to help!

Our carefully designed 10 Day online weight loss programme is perfect to get you back on track and give you the tools, knowledge and support needed to achieve great results.

You will be added to our private online group which is fantastic for support, inspiration and motivation. This enables us to give you the 24/7 back up to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve amazing results.

The Lockdown detox is the perfect way to get you back to nutritional balance and to reset your body and lifestyle.

You will also receive access to the HarrogatePT Fitness library which includes a variety of workout videos covering everything such as HIIT, Pilates, Body Conditioning and Stretch classes. We also offer a LIVE Pilates class on Zoom on Monday evenings through the 10 day detox.


The next detox begins on Wednesday 14th July 2021


What comes with this programme?

  • • Our full time support
  • • Recipe guide and easy to make meals
  • • Shopping list
  • • The truth about carbs, fats and proteins
  • • Why hydration is important
  • • Daily workouts videos (including pilates, HIIT, body conditioning and stretches)

For only £59

What our previous clients say

  • "This is my second detox as I really enjoyed the benefits from the first time. Total inch loss 7.75 and 10lbs weight loss. This is the flattest my beer belly has been in years. Well done everyone your results are great. See you next time."

  • "I really enjoyed this detox. I wouldn't have thought I'd be saying that this time last week but I've found the last four days easier than the first few. Weight Lost 9.5lbs and 6.5 inches all together, so I'm delighted. Going to try hard to keep this off. I've learnt how to manage my bad habits and about myself. Thank you girls."

  • "For me the detox was mainly about sorting my stomach out as I bloat so much my Nanna thought I was pregnant! I feel much better tummy wise, no crippling cramps, no bloat and feel much more energised in myself. I definitely learnt to enjoy what I eat and don't crave takeaways anymore. Being in the group helped me to stick to the plan and doubt I would have completed it without everyone. Thank you guys."

  • "I have really Enjoyed this detox, I have lost 14lbs and so pleased with the results. Thank you Lisa and Hayley."

  • "I have loved the detox, thank you ladies for your inspiration and fab recipes."

  • "I'm back into my pre-pregnancy jeans, thank you so much for your help. This detox works every time."

  • "7lbs down and 25cm of fat disappeared. Feeling great and enjoyed the kick start back into healthy eating. I didn't realise how addicted I was to sugar and caffeine."

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