In 2012 we launched our online digital detox programme. Over the years since we started we have had thousands of clients through the 10 day plan with amazing results. Many clients returning for their quarterly nutritional reset each year.

We have clients from all over the country (even Australia and Germany!) keeping up to date and in touch through our secret Facebook group.

Our plan takes you back to basics, eating fresh, clean (non processed) food. No silly shakes or expensive supplements to waste your money on!

Daily 10 minute HIIT workouts are posted in the group and all workouts are on YouTube so you can train from the comfort of your own home, or hotel room if you are away on business!

Check out the results for yourself. This is one of our recent participants.

Caroline was a bit dubious about joining our detox because she already keeps fit and eats pretty healthily however… check out her transformation pics!

Caroline has used the principles of the detox and implemented them into her daily life and continues to eat clean and train smart. Well done Caroline.